Year: 2013

Competition: Europan 12_ Adaptable City

Where: Bitterfeld Wolfen, Germany

Team:  Andrea Desideri (b15a), Silvia Guzzini (b15a), Nadya Vereshchagina, Leo Viola

Collaborators: Federico Caserta, Fiamma Ficcadenti

What: Urban Masterplan; Residential Complex


Our proposal for the Bitterfeld-Wolfen masterplan improve the potentiality of the site in such a valuable location, aiming to create a synergy between a touristic destination and the development of a successful extension that enriches and regenerates the existing city.


“The Cretto” by Alberto Burri has inspired the multiple fragmentations of the land, giving shape to an artificial landscape which is strictly related to the natural landscape.
This design approach offers creative possibilities for the project to be adaptable within phases of intervention or even long-term territorial transformations that affect the site, enhancing a further organic grow out of the initial boundary. The proposal integrates the park into the urban fabric reinterpreting the topography creating graceful new spaces and structures that contribute to a memorable and thrilling contemporary design as well as creating interesting new walkways through natural landscape and sports activities.
The plan restores shape and extent of Bitterfeld town center with a sustainable urban expansion around the Goitzsche Lake transforming a former industrial land, much of it contaminated through years of industrial neglect to create parklands that provided a celebratory setting for generations to come.